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Go For Moe!

Every year, Agape budgets for "extraordinary medical" expenses, to pay for unexpected medical expenses for pups in foster care. This covers all sorts of things! Accidents, broken limbs, when our furry friends eat something they shouldn't... you name it! Some…

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Heads or Tails Game

If you attended Agape Animal Ball last year you already know how extremely fun the Heads or Tails game is. We are excited to share that on July 25th at 1:00pm we are taking the fan favorite virtual! So how…

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Sicilian Summer Supper

We are so excited to announce, as part of our first ever Agape Animal Ball Virtual Experience, and in partnership with Amerigo and Amerigo Chef Steven Ribilio, a delicious, interactive Sicilian Summer Supper that you can enjoy with the Agape…

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Porch Photography Sessions

Agape Animal Rescue is thrilled to share an exciting new (social distancing friendly) fundraising event, Front Porch Photo Sessions, for The Grove Living residents! Mandy Whitley Photography has graciously offered to donate her time and talents for these sessions in…

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