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When you support Agape, you are making sure that pups in need are getting the nurturing love, care, and training that they need to be successful as a companion pet. Agape works tirelessly with each individual dog to make sure they are healthy, happy and prepared for life in a new home. At the same time, our three-step adoption process ensures the perfect match, and that is each pup is headed to a loving, committed home as a permanent new member of the family… and our adoption success rate is consistently over 99%!

Making a donation to Agape supports pups, people and communities, by supporting our foster families and creating resources for pups in need. Your gift provides families and dogs the opportunity for an even better life together. Want to provide ongoing support to new dogs coming into Agape’s program? You can give a one-time donation, or you can set up monthly support in the amount most comfortable to you. Any amount makes a difference!

We rely on public support to fulfill our mission! Thanks to you, to our partners and funders who continue to help us save lives and enrich families.

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