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Agape Animal Rescue’s community canine coaching program was formed to combat increased owner surrenders and support intake prevention in Middle Tennessee while increasing the adoptability and quality of life of foster dogs awaiting adoption. This program includes accessible, easy to follow training programs both online and in person. But that is not all, we are able to impact people, pets and communities in a variety of ways:

Support for Foster Dogs and Families

We provide our foster families training so that they are able to work with dogs with varying needs and skill levels. The dogs learn basic training, potty training, loose leash walking, and receive any necessary behavioral training that contributes to their long-term successful adoptions.  FOR FOSTER PARENTS

Support for Owners Struggling to Keep Pets

Whether a family has fallen on hard times or simply can’t afford modern-day expensive dog training, we are here to offer families an alternative to surrendering a pet for reasons that can be avoided with basic dog training support.   FOR DOG OWNERS

Support for Adoptive Families

Providing post-adoption training and behavior support for dogs for Agape alum.  FOR ADOPTIVE FAMILIES

Support for Rescues and Shelters

Through collaboration, we are able to share our resources and training materials with underfunded and understaffed rescue and shelters to aid them with increasing save rates all across the United States.

This training and attentiveness, in part, is what has consistently allowed Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center to maintain its 99% success rate (less than 1% return rate) among adoptive families.   FOR RESCUES AND SHELTERS

Become A Training Partner

The Community Canine Coaching Partnership Program supports the community through the offering of equitable, accessible, and affordable dog training options & resources to partner organizations. Each partner commits to the promotion and use of humane, force-free dog training while being provided access to a growing list of training resources to be utilized freely for staff, fosters, adopters, and clients. BECOME A TRAINING PARTNER 

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