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Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center has a continuous need for quality foster homes for our rescue dogs.  We are looking for all types of foster families, including those who are able to foster full-time as well as for just a few weeks at a time.

Agape is looking for:

  • Year-round foster homes
  • Temporary foster homes (while other foster families are on vacation, for example)
  • Large-scale animal abuse case foster homes (to help with sudden overflow)

We work with a network of foster homes where dedicated foster parents care for and nurture the dogs.  We are looking for people who can care for our dogs as if they are a personal pet. With so many animals coming through our program, we can always match the right animal to your foster family/home.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to one of our rescue dogs, fill out our Foster Application .

The Wonderful World of Fostering

Fostering a rescued animal is one of the most rewarding things you can do as an animal lover.  Because of your kindness and patience, needy dogs get a second chance at finding their forever homes.

Our dogs come from all over, including:

  • Owner surrenders
  • Shelters before euthanasia
  • Large-scale animal abuse cases (hoarding, puppy mills, fighting rings)

Foster parents must be there to help with training and to provide unconditional love to each dog.  Foster parents really are the key to helping us keep rescued pets until we can find the right human to adopt them.

What’s it Like to Foster a Dog?

Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding ways you can help.  We have a dog for you, regardless of the level of care you are able to provide.  While some dogs come in fully trained and housebroken, others may have special needs that require more from a foster family.  Just let us know the level of care you are able to provide and we will work with you to find a good match.

Some dogs take longer to place into forever homes than others, and it can be very difficult to give up an animal that you have come to love once we do find a permanent home.  For this reason, Agape feels the need to be up-front with any potential foster family about what to expect when providing foster care.

As our foster parents have all said, the rewards of fostering outweigh the difficulties.  To witness a dog make the transition from bewilderment to belonging is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Expectations for Foster Parents

To help us help you be successful, we ask that our foster parents follow some basic guidelines to help facilitate permanent placement.  This includes:

  • Monitoring your pet: Because your foster dog’s behavior is so critical to a successful adoption, we need you to monitor his behavior to make sure any medical needs are quickly addressed and to advise us of what training he is lacking (i.e., housebreaking, leash walking, excessive barking, fear, etc.)
  • Working with your pet: Whether through attending our periodic group training classes or on your own, we need your help working on whatever behavior issues your foster dog has so he can become a more adoptable companion animal.
  • Participating in Agape’s Foster Care Training Program: Our goal is to teach the dogs good house manners and basic obedience skills, including how to walk nicely on a leash.  Depending on how long the dogs are in foster care, they will have learned basic commands like SIT, STAY, DOWN, SIT TO PET, SAY HI, and more.

Agape Foster Care Training Program

Unfortunately, man’s best friend is not always treated like one.  Our dogs come from a variety of situations involving abandonment, abuse, and neglect.  In many cases, dogs are the first to go when owners’ lives change and the family dog is no longer seen as a family member.  These dogs often end up in shelters or worse yet, running wild on the street.

We at Agape are dedicated to giving our dogs a better chance at life.  Through our Foster Care Training Program, we provide these dogs with more than just a safe temporary home.

If you have a caring heart and a loving home for a rescue animal, you can help us save a life. Make a difference as a foster parent to a dog in need! You supply the love … we supply everything else!

Have questions? Call us at 615-406-7799 or email [email protected]

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