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Give a Dog Hope This Holiday Season!

Title: Give A Dog Hope This Holiday Season. 

Support Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center: Give a Dog Hope with your Giving Tuesday donation. 

Imagine: You rush to get into the car with your family. Maybe you will finally get to see a veterinarian who will stop the pain you feel over your entire body from the extreme hair matting, infections and malnutrition?

I wonder what Einstein, pictured to the left, was thinking when his family backed up to the clinic, opened the UHaul door, left him in a crate on the cold gravel and drove away as he whimpered and paced in circles with confusion. 

The good news? Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center is here for those in need: dogs, families and communities. Einstein, he needed us. He immediately received treatment wellness check, vaccinations, neuter, preventative care, and one heck of a shave down. Einstein feels SO MUCH BETTER and is soon to be adopted. 

When you make a gift, you join the Agape team in our commitment to being a safe place for dogs who are not able to advocate for themselves. 

The Agape foster and adoption programs WORK and have changed thousands of lives since 2004. Agape’s affordable dog training program WORKS and has transformed more than 1,000 lives in only a few years. 

Here are ways to contribute and support Agape’s mission:

  1. Make a Donation online: Every little bit counts!
  2. Make it easy, send a donation via Venmo
  3. Create A Virtual Facebook Fundraiser: Just a few clicks and you are done! 
  4. Purchase A Holiday Ornament: The ornaments make a great gift for a special friend or family member!
  5. Social Media Engagement: Simply “share”, “comment”, and “like” Agape’s Instagram and Facebook posts. Interacting with our posts will allow more people to see our dogs! 
  6. Visit the Office and Donate In-Person: 121 Cleveland Street, Nashville between 10 am – 2 pm. Adoptable sweetheart, Isabel, will be there, ready to give you a high five in appreciation of your support. 
  7. Mail a Donation: Do you prefer to write a check? No problem! Mailing address: P.O. Box 292766, Nashville, TN 37229. 

 You have many worthy options when considering your Giving Tuesday gifts. We would be so grateful if you’d consider investing in Agape Animal Rescue & Training Center so that we can continue to support dogs like Einstein. A gift of $100, $50, $25 or any amount will go so far. In an effort to send even more HOPE to the dogs this holiday season, our friends at The AWC Family Foundation have offered to MATCH your donation in an effort to support today’s $10,000 goal. We appreciate that you believe in the Agape mission and will continue to save and change lives because of you.


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