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Agape’s Summer Adventure Camp

Summer is a time for fun and exploration, and what better way to engage children than through an exciting camp that combines education with a love for animals? The 3-day Summer Adventure Camp at Agape Animal Rescue and Training Center, sponsored by The Nashville Predators, offers an immersive learning experience where children can discover different types of pets, understand responsible ownership, and develop safe interactions with animals. Best of all, it will be located at Agape’s new location: 121 Cleveland St, Nashville, TN! 

This unique camp provides a creative and engaging environment where children can learn valuable information while having a blast.

On the first day of the camp, children are introduced to the wonderful world of Agape Animal Rescue and Training Center. Children delve into the crucial topic of safe pet interactions, with a particular focus on understanding dog body language. Experienced trainers teach campers how to approach dogs safely and recognize signs of fear, stress, and discomfort in dogs. By learning to interpret dog body language, children develop the skills to create positive and safe interactions with canines.Of course no day is complete without meeting a pup too, so to finish the day, kids will get to meet a pup!

Through hands-on activities, children learn how to decide which pet is best suited for their family. They explore factors such as living arrangements, available space, and lifestyle requirements. The camp instructors emphasize the importance of considering the costs involved in pet ownership, including food, veterinary care, and training. By understanding the commitment and responsibilities associated with pets, children develop a sense of empathy and become better informed when making decisions about bringing an animal into their home.

The second day of the camp focuses on teaching children how to care for pets and the significance of positive reinforcement training. Campers participate in interactive sessions where they learn about feeding schedules, grooming techniques, and exercise requirements for different animals. They also gain an understanding of the emotional needs of pets and how to provide a loving and nurturing environment.

In addition to responsible pet care, the camp emphasizes the benefits of positive reinforcement training methods. Through fun and engaging activities, children discover how positive reinforcement helps shape desired behaviors and strengthens the bond between pets and their owners. Expert trainers demonstrate training techniques that encourage children to use praise, treats, and playtime to reward their pets for good behavior.

The camp incorporates practical exercises where children have the opportunity to interact with well-trained and temperament-tested dogs in a controlled environment. This hands-on experience allows children to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, helping them build confidence and respect for animals.

The 3-day summer adventure camp at Agape Animal Rescue and Training Center, sponsored by The Nashville Predators, provides an excellent opportunity for children aged 7-11 to learn about different types of pets, responsible ownership, and safe pet interactions. Through a combination of interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and expert guidance, children develop a deeper understanding of the commitment required to care for a pet and the joy that responsible pet ownership brings. By fostering empathy, teaching positive reinforcement training techniques, and emphasizing safe interactions, this camp not only educates but also instills a love and respect for animals that will stay with children throughout their lives.

When: July 18,19,20   9AM-12PM

Where:  121 Cleveland St, Nashville, 37207

Who: Kids (7-11) years of age.


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