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Nancy began volunteering with Agape almost from its inception. She started fostering one dog at a time as a way to save a few dogs that might not otherwise have a chance to live their best lives. However, it soon became apparent that each dog came with a different personality, different problems and certainly a wide range of coping skills. Through her early months as a foster parent Nancy’s passion for learning more about dog behavior grew as she witnessed that dogs who have been abandoned, neglected, or physically hurt needed much more than love and good food if they were going to make good family companions.

In 2005 a young Australian Shepherd mix named Topaz came to her as a foster. Having spent most of her life on the streets and terrified of everything, Topaz seemed unreachable, no matter how hard Nancy and her husband tried. It was Topaz’ deep emotional fears that sparked Nancy’s desire to do everything she could for the dogs that needed extra help to live a good, happy life with a loving family.

Nancy lives with her husband Frank and their dog Ringo.  She continues to support the Agape dogs through rehabilitation, enrichment and as an Adoption Facilitator.

Photograph by: Mandy Whitley Photography 

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