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Lucie is an award winning illustrator and designer who has been doing graphic design work for Agape since meeting the rescue’s Tanya Willis and Gayle Kerr in 2009. A lifelong animal lover, Lucie began her artistic endeavors drawing endless pictures and paintings of the beloved family dog. Now, many moons later, she is still incorporating animals into her commercial artwork whenever she can. Clients include Purina, the Grand Ole Opry, Penguin Books, Simon and Schuster and the New York Times. She is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. You can see more of her work by visiting her portfolio site, She also operates a side business called “Muttshots” where she creates modern and playful pet portraits:

Lucie lives with her husband and two dogs in Nashville. Lola, her “little brown dog” was adopted through an animal rescue in 2005, and found her forever home after two other families had given her up. Although she was left with some fear of abandonment issues, she remains one of the happiest, sweetest dogs on the planet. Hank is a recent addition to the family. In February of 2012, Agape brought a boxer puppy (formerly known as Crimson) into the program. As soon as Lucie saw that face on the website, she could not resist. “Handsome” Hank is a very loving and funny pup, and has added a tremendous amount of love and laughs to the household.

Lucie Rice Illustration and Design

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