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Jade is a southern girl from Montgomery, AL who’s always had an animal by her side! In her early childhood her parents taught her to respect all living things and that same value for life has helped shape her into the person she is today.

Jade and her husband, Colby, married in 2008 and have called Nashville home since 2010. They have a packed house with 5 furkids who are constantly keeping things interesting. Neo and Church are their 2 rescued cats, and while they don’t always see eye to eye in their coexistence, they still maintain a make-believed superiority over the 3 rescued dogs of the house, Bruce, Skip, and Callie.

Jade is an official graduate of the school of hard knocks and holds Masters Degrees in both common sense and work ethic. She has served as a vet tech and kennel manager in the past and currently works as a travel agent at Entertainment Travel.

Jade’s interests include animals (excluding snakes, ha!), crafts and long walks in the woods. She hopes that her supportive and fiercely loyal nature will benefit Agape alongside her experiences in the veterinarian and kennel management fields.

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