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Gayle Kerr’s involvement with Agape happened quite accidentally one day. On an afternoon outing with her lab, Simon, to a local Petsmart, she met Tanya Willis … and her lab met a smallish female lab mix that Agape had up for adoption. Though the little lab was ultimately adopted by another lucky family, and Simon has since passed on, Gayle’s journey with the rescue began after that simple chance meeting.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BA degree in Business Management, Gayle’s career path has led her to job opportunities in communication, marketing and graphic design. A marketer at heart — and a girl who loves her Mac — Gayle has a passion for the animals that stems back as far as she can remember. After rescuing a young yellow lab in Oklahoma in 1999, whose high energy and emotional issues made Gayle realize the challenges of developing a healthy, well-balanced relationship with your companion dog, she dedicated herself to becoming a better student of dog behavior. She recognized that sometimes love just isn’t enough: a dog needs more from its owner. It needs direction and leadership and a pet parent who watches and listens to how a dog communicates.

Gayle has an extensive background in dog training and helped develop the Foster Care Training Program for the Agape foster homes. This program helps foster families teach their foster dogs similar commands and skills so the dogs become better family pets and more adoptable companion animals.

Gayle is married to Steve Kerr and currently serves as an Adoption Facilitator and foster parent for the rescue.

Photograph by: Mandy Whitley Photography

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