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After years of being involved in with various rescue organizations back in California, Angel and her husband moved to Tennessee in 2022 with their four dogs.

Angel entered the rescue world in 2010 and, just weeks after becoming a volunteer, she was sent to pick up a severely malnourished dog on Easter Sunday.  A few days of temporary fostering turned into ten wonderful years with a soulmate, Gunner.  In 2017, Angel and her husband made the spur-of-the-moment decision to add a neglected puppy to their family and, at almost five, Kenzie still has her puppy energy.  After losing Gunner in 2020 to cancer, Angel and her husband decided to adopt a red listed dog in honor of Gunner and drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles to adopt a 15-year-old from a particularly notorious shelter.  After extensive medical treatment and over a year of working through serious fear-based aggression, Bruno is finally healthy, happy and about to celebrate his 17th birthday.  Finally, in 2022, they also added Angel’s parents’ two dogs, Stan and Tucker, to the pack and made the long trek to Tennessee.

Angel works as an attorney specializing in intellectual property and hopes to use some of these skills to benefit the rescue community.

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