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Morgan Knight is the intake coordinator at Agape Animal Rescue and Training Center. Morgan is a Nashville transplant and moved to the area in 2015 from Huntsville, Alabama where she attended Calhoun Community College.  As a lifelong lover of animals, her motto is “love the unloved”, which she applies to both animal rescue and wildlife conservation, seeing the good in all creatures and not just the cute ones.  From senior and special needs dogs to reptiles and insects, she has a passion for all animals. Morgan got her start working in animal rescue as a caretaker at a senior dog sanctuary but also has a background in palliative care and emergency medical care for humans as well as many years as a pet parent. She strives to be the voice for those who do not have voices and applies this philosophy to her work in animal rescue.

In addition to her senior dog Kira, an Australian shepherd mix, she also has a bearded dragon named Wilfred, a Cuban false chameleon named Taarna, and a boa constrictor named Nachash, as well as many tarantulas and other invertebrates. Her hobbies include keeping houseplants and terrariums, hiking, camping and kayaking, and studying Japanese language.

Photograph by: Mandy Whitley Photography

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