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Leslie earned her degree in social work and has experience in this field for over twenty years. It was during her time working with children in foster care that she began to really recognize the healing power of the human-animal bond. Leslie, her husband and their pitbull Evie Marie began working with Caring Connections through the Crossroads Campus program, where Leslie eventually went onto work. Leslie brings years of nonprofit management experience, specializing in program development, foster care and adoption. Leslie also has personal experience in fostering, which has typically resulted in foster fails. She is no stranger to Agape, as her adoptive dog Franklin is an Agape Alum!

Leslie lives in Old Hickory with her husband Adam, and their three rescues Frank and Evie and cat Gracie. Leslie and Adam share of love of dogs and have been strong advocates for both eliminating puppy mills and pitbull education, in honor of Franklin and Evie. Leslie is a lover of all animals and in her spare time volunteers for Saddle Up, assisting in horse therapy with children with disabilities. Leslie also enjoys nature and some of her favorite activities include hiking, kayaking and really anything that takes her outdoors. 

As Operations Manager, Leslie will be bringing her years of professional growth and passion to further Agape’s mission to help both dogs and humans have success and loving homes together. 

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