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Allison is our Program Coordinator. Allison’s passion for dogs has been prevalent ever since she can remember. Her favorite book growing up was AKC’s “The Complete Dog Book for Kids” which she read back to front multiple times, and her best friend was her family’s rescue dog, Roxy. While in community college at home in the suburbs of Chicago, Allison began working for a local dog daycare. After moving to Tennessee to study her other passion, Music Business, she had a dog-shaped hole in her heart that needed filling and she found another dog daycare to work at.

Allison received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations & Advertising in the Music Business from Middle Tennessee State University. After graduation, she spent 3 years working as a digital marketer in the music industry while still continuing to dog sit. Eventually, a special boy stole her heart and she adopted a rescue dog of her own, Flynn. Allison is excited to bring her marketing and dog experience to Agape to help save lives!

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