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Finding a dependable and talented photographer who you can trust to take fabulous photos of your newborn, family, and pet is made easy with Harmony Designs Photography.

Harmony Designs Photography is a photography studio that specializes in newborn, family, and pet portraiture. Harmony Designs opened their doors for business in 2004, and is owned and operated by April Hollingsworth.

Along with a strong passion for photography, April is devoted to addressing the homeless pet population and find forever homes for displaced dogs in the Middle Tennessee area. Since April opened her doors she has supported the Agape Animal Rescue dogs through popular fundraisers such as Luv My Dog Day, Country Chic Canines, and Frosty Paws raising thousands of dollars to provide medical treatment and general care for dogs in need. April even published a captivating coffee table book, Dogged Devotions, that features the adorable personalities of many pups who found forever homes with Agape.

Volunteering with and donating to Agape has been a part of April’s mission since 2004. Throughout her time with Agape, April has adopted 5 Agape dogs that each have their own amazing story. Dog rescue is near and dear to Harmony Designs Photography and donating to Agape has become a continuous part of the businesses efforts to better the community.

“Our continued support for Agape is something we continue to pour into as we believe in Agape’s adoption process that truly makes the best match for each dog to find his/her forever family.”

All of Agape’s creative pet photoshoots of the dogs in the program are courtesy of Harmony Designs Photography.

Need to schedule your next newborn, family, or pet portrait session? Check out April with Harmony Designs Photography.

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