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BREED(S): Mixed Breed
SIZE: Small
AGE: 1.5 years
GENDER: Female
STATUS: Please Adopt Me!

Everyone meet Thumbelina! Just the sound of her name makes those perfect ears perk up, when you call her! Lina is a 1 1/2 year old mixed breed who was surrendered to us when her previous owner started experiencing medical problems and was no longer able to care for her any longer. We were happy to take her into our program and help find her forever home!

Lina told us she LOVES to go on a walks and that she’s well-behaved on those walks as well. She does tend to be very curious about other dogs and wants to talk to them on walks. She also seems to warm up to smaller dogs when they meet, bigger dogs not so much! As always a meet and greet would be a good idea for anyone interested in adopting our Lina! Overall Lina is just a little nervous about this big world around her, but she’s looking forward to finding an owner to be patient with her while experiencing it!

CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]
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