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Moe – Coming Soon!
BREED(S): Spaniel Mix
SIZE: Small
AGE: 5 months
STATUS: Coming Soon

Meet Moe. Moe came into Agape Animal Rescue’s Puppy Program at just three weeks old, with his mother Missy, and his two siblings, Larry and Curly. Shortly after their arrival, it became clear that Moe would need specialized care: we discovered he was not only deaf, but was suffering from a rare congenital heart condition, and was in need of surgery to repair a hernia.

Moe recently underwent a life-changing surgical procedure to prevent the progression and development of his heart condition. This procedure was performed at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This surgery has hopefully improved his heart condition from a severe case to a mild one that can be managed with medication. We will have more information on this sweet guy coming soon! 


CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]
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