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BREED(S): Labrador Retriever
SIZE: Large
AGE: 5 Years Old
STATUS: Please Adopt Me!
ADOPTION FEE: $ 300.00
Greetings, adopters! I’m Karl, one of the most regal 5-year-old labs you’ll ever meet! I know, I know, my handsome face is made for Hollywood! But the career I’m really longing for is to be your forever companion. Not to brag, but can I mention I’m a brainiac? Basic skills … I have those! It’s my special talent that you’ll really enjoy. I can put away my own toys, and guess what? Drop your laundry, and I’ll pick that up too! Other interests of mine include long walks, cuddles, tug of war, and playing with my big blue ball, and if you’re up to it, a good game of chase.
My perfect family will have a home where I am the only dog there. I’m super happy living with my humans, but occasionally can be dog selective and sometimes reactive. But we can still be lifelong friends and I promise I’ll give you my love and affection forever!
I can’t wait to be the next love of your life! Let’s meet and become pals! Submit an application for me, Karl
CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]
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