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BREED(S): Retriever, Golden/Poodle
SIZE: Medium
AGE: 1 Year Old
GENDER: Female
STATUS: Please Adopt Me!

If you are familiar with the language of flowers, you may already have an idea of who I am.  Buttercup; youthful, healthy, and ready for new growth.  I am about as sweet and bright as they come and can’t wait to see what is next for me.  I bring joy everywhere I go; to children at the bus stop, to the big and little dogs I’m living with,  the puppy next door, and to my foster mom who lets me sleep at her feet while she works.  I do love toys, but snuggles and time spent with people I trust are the BEST part of my days.  Contrary to the name Buttercup, I am no petite flower.  I weigh in around 40 lbs and am around a year old.  I am believed to be a flat-coated labradoodle, although I am a shedder.  I am house-trained, working on walking nicely on a leash, and up to date on vaccines.  I am ready to find my new family and share my light & love!

** A $125 reimbursement will be sent to you once the dog is spayed/neutered!

CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]
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