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The Pee Party—Smiley

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The Dog-ocrat Party—Sammie

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The Re-Pup-lican Party—Cooper

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Due to the popularity of this fundraiser the campaign tee shirts will be mailed the week of October 1st. Thank you for supporting Agape!

Follow the Democracy for Dogs campaign on Facebook to see who is in the lead and who will be named our Pooch for President!

Pooches For President Campaign to Benefit Agape Animal Rescue

As the race for the human President heats up, we have decided to showcase some of our own pawlitical frontrunners! For the first time ever, Agape is proud to present our very own Pooches for President Campaign Fundraiser that will run parallel to the Presidential Campaign currently being waged.


Agape has poured through endless applications in its own "hairy" caucuses to bring you the 3 most viable candidates we could find. Each of the candidates will focus their efforts on 3 primary platforms which are: the creation of a Federal Spay & Neuter initiative, making dog fighting a felony, and making the chaining/tethering of dogs a felony. In addition to those directives, each candidate will also have their own pawlitical platforms to build their following on.

We are Agape Animal Rescue and we approve this message.

Download the event press release
Download the event flyer

Thank you to Lucie Rice Illustrations and Designs for designing the campaign materials and tee-shirts!